I’m kind of in awe of my friend Stacey. She’s a crocheter who makes super cute crocheted stuffed animals.  I crochet about as well as I tap dance, so I always thought of Stacey as that interesting person on the other side of the great yarn-craft divide.  I really sat up and paid attention to her work a couple years ago when she posted in the Designers forum on Ravelry, “How do you guys keep all your patterns straight? I’ve published so many they won’t fit on my homepage!” She’s got patterns for cuddly creatures for almost every letter of the alphabet – clams, mosquitoes, lemons, you name it!

crocheted softies

And now she’s just put out her second book – Crocheted Softies gives you step by step instructions for eighteen of the cutest amigurumi creatures from around the world. There’s everything from aliens to owls in here, and an adorable pair of microbes to boot! And I’m particularly fond of Milton, the Slowpoke Snail.

milton, the slowpoke snailIsn’t he the cutest? I never thought I’d think a snail was cuddly, but there you go!

And not content to just wow us with cute creatures, Stacey also packed her book with good mojo, using organic, low-impact, and ethically sourced yarns from around the world. From organic cotton, undyed alpaca and recycled silk to low-impact, high-tech yarns made from bamboo, milk, soy, and bananas, she chose the good stuff — yarn you’ll want in your hands, that you’ll want to give to your loved ones. Can’t lay your hands on banana silk? She’s also provided suggestions and tips on substituting.

Now for the give-away: I said before that Stacey had created softie patterns for almost every letter of the alphabet – let’s give her a few suggestions!  Leave a comment before Monday December 12, naming an amigurumi creature, character, or thing you’d like to see Stacey make starting with the letter X, Y, or Z. I’ll pick an answer at random and send the winner a signed copy!

Can’t wait to see if you won? Pick up your copy here from Stacey’s website!


5 Responses to Stacey Trock’s Crocheted Softies Give-away!

  1. Lindsey S says:

    Yak, of course! Bonus points if she makes it with yak yarn.

  2. Kate says:

    A toy Yeti would be a rare sighting.

  3. Teresa G says:

    I think a crochet yellow jacket (bee) would be very cute. A friendly one of course! Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Susand1408 says:

    A gecko cause they are my favorite

  5. cotton says:

    forum podcast excerpt laurie boschmann

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