I was swatching on the bus today, as I pretty much always am. I’m working out an idea that uses Imperial, a yarn chock full of old-school magic that I’m quickly falling in love with. Another knitter spotted me and asked what I was working on. “Swatch” is such an odd word, isn’t it? “Oh, just a swatch” – just speaking that sentence out loud sounds like you’re trying to swallow something. So I said, “It’s the prototype for a sweater I’m thinking of knitting.” Now that’s a word. Prototype: Will it fly, or will it crash? When it’s going really extra good I wax rhapsodic: O Swatch, you be the Flyer and I’ll be Orville Wright. What an exhilarating 12 seconds in the air! And when it’s going really, really well, my knitting finds itself a theme song – like this one, which has been stuck in my head ever since I said “prototype” today.


I’m off to Long Beach tomorrow before the break of dawn for my book signing at TNNA, the big winter fiber industry show – I packed a wee s suitcase to do a mini trunk-show, too! Hope to see some of you kniterati there! 

Daniel's suitcase for TNNA

Is that an octopus in your suitcase, or….


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