I taught myself garter stitch during a lonely fall break at college, fumbling over the illustrations in a teach-yourself book.  After a friend saw what I was up to and taught me to purl, I was off.  I soon found myself spending long, dreamy afternoons poring over the stitch dictionary in the back of Vogue Knitting.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

I’m fascinated by natural forms, from the tricky spiral patterns of flowers, pinecones and galaxies to the life-forms that walk, wriggle and swim around us.  It never ceases to amaze me how string, two sticks, and two simple stitches can be combined in such an astonishing number of ways.

Molting Yeti knitting patterns are the creation of obsessed knitter, teacher, and fiber artist Daniel Yuhas.  You find Daniel’s super fun knitting designs at www.moltingyeti.com, and a whole menagerie of super cute hand-knit stuffed animals at www.knitsybitsy.com.


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  1. Jen says:

    I’m enjoying your knitting book very much! I do have a question. In working the spiral petal shawl, I’m not quite sure about this: when starting the next wave with Row 1, does the chevron pattern also restart with its row 1? for example, the first wave goes to row 11 (which would be row 1 of the chevron) and then the third wave starts — (chevron pattern row 1? or row 3?)

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  2. Neda Culic says:

    I picked up your book, Knitting From The Center Out, today. It’s beautiful book, but I have a concern. You said the same thing that Meg Swansen said, “That there is no right or wrong ways to knit,” Meg has always said “If you get the results you want you’re doing it right.” Doesn’t the same hold true for casting on?
    I’m not your average knitter and I have to cast on the only way I know, lint tailed method. Someone taught me to cast on, in 8th grade, everything else I learned I taught myself over the past 42 years or so. When I taught myself to knit no one wanted to teach me and showing me would never have worked because I have 4 fingers missing on my right hand. Been this way since birth. That is my knitting is vital to me.

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