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Lace and Loop Scarf

(as published in the 2009 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar)

Rows 1 and 5 of the Loop Section should read:

Row 1:  *k2tog, yo, repeat from * until 11 sts remain, end k2tog, k8, m1, k1.

Row 5:  *k2tog, yo, repeat from * until 11 sts remain, k2tog, make a loop by slipping the next 4 sts to a dpn and working these sts in I-cord for 25 rounds.  Being careful not to twist, form loop with I-cord.  Slip the I-cord sts back to the RH needle.  End k4, m1, k1.

Row 1 of the Expanding Lace Section should read:

Row 1:  k2, *yo, k2tog, repeat from *, end yo, k1.


(knitty, summer 2008)

Rounds 15 and 16 of the propeller section should read:

Round 15: K1, k2tog, k2, ssk, k1 twice. 12 sts.

Round 16: K1, k2tog, ssk, k1 twice. 8 sts.

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